Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Yes Virginia, There Is A Santa...

On the weekend we had been out visiting some friends with kids the same ages as ours (our old Mothers Group). We see alot of each other - even holidaying once a year with the group which is most fun. This conversation occurred the next day so I'm assuming there were some discussions going on that night that we weren't privy too.

I overheard Miss's 8 & 6 discussing that age old question: Is Santa Real? So I thought I'd eavesdrop to see what the outcome was.

Miss 8 "Do you believe in Santa?"
Miss 6 "Yeah, do you?"
Miss 8 "Well, yeah. But. Well, yes. I do. If you don't believe you won't get any presents." (Now, we haven't had to pull that old saying out yet so not sure where that one came from, perhaps she's just really perceptive!)
Miss 6 "Yeah, me too. I want presents".

That sums up Daughter Number 2 completely. As long as she gets something, sometime, somewhere - she'll believe the moon is made of cheese if she has to.

And God bless Miss 8 for bringing it up. Now we shouldn't have to tackle that again until this time next year. And where was Master 4 during this exchange? Demolishing the Lego Restaurant that Miss 6 had spent half the day constructing.

In spite of this (and the HUGE tantrum from Miss 6 that followed) we have had an excellent week. The lead up to the 25th December is usually a stressful time. Last year we actually went camping a few days before Christmas, and stayed over the Christmas break - and if you think you're stressed now, try having to hide 3 lots of presents in a tent while camping just before Christmas. And having to leave signs attached to EVERY tree in the caravan park so Santa would know which tent The Dixon's were staying in.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

3 Sleeps Left...

Oh what a busy, busy 7 days we have had.

That last week of school was just chaotic - as you ALL would know. It started on the Monday with a phone call from the school saying Miss 6 wasn't feeling well could I come and pick her up?


So got her home - "Mum, can I have a towel and a bucket? And can you please put ABC Kids on"?

Miss 6 has a tendancy towards hyperchondria (not too sure where she gets that from...) so I made some hmmm noises and got her the towel & bucket. Then half and hour later she started. And kept going until nearly 9.30 that night. Poor little thing. She just looked exhausted by the time I carried her to be for the last time.

But she was fine the next morning - which was good because her class was having a fun day at school with bouncy castles, face painting and a clown, and she was NOT going to miss that for anything.

Wednesday was Master 4's Pre-Kindy party. That was heaps of fun. First stop was at the icecream van, second stop was to get his face painted just like spiderman's, and finally a visit from the Big Fat Man himself (and of course it had to be my child that loudly let everyone within hearing distance know that this wasn't the real Man but one of his helpers).

At 2.30am Thursday morning I was awakened by a noise.

It's funny how, as a Mum you can wake up immediately on hearing a sound as small as a half cough half dry retch. You can sleep through the sneezes, coughs, snores & other various bodily functions that come from your children, but this small sound can have you out of bed and running to the EXACT right area of the house before you've even woken up properly.It's also funny how, as a Dad, they can sleep right through it all.

There was my poor little man trying bravely (and very unsuccessfully) to not be sick all over my kitchen floor.

That went on until around 4am, until he fell into a very deep sleep. And woke up feeling as right as rain.

I, on the other hand, was feeling very very seedy. I felt like I'd drunk 4 bottles of wine - and anyone that knows me at the moment will remember that I am off drinking almost completely (much to theirs & my disgust). So I dragged all of my healthy children for their last day of school (well, except for Master 4 who has finished his school for this year), dressed in my warmest tracksuit and jumper. I was frozen - and it was 32 degrees celcius. Dropped them off and came back home to bed.

The call came from the school at lunchtime. Miss 8 had decided it was her turn. So up to the school we went to pick up both girls. By then I was starting to feel better, which was good because I needed a strong stomach that afternoon.

And then, to top off a fantastic day - Miss 5 ran into my bedroom, and as the words "Don't run in the house" left my lips, she tripped and fell forehead first into the base of my bed and immediately grew a tennis ball on her brow.

We had a great end to our school year. I guess we've now managed to get rid of all of our bugs so this week will be germ free! We've eaten our chocolate from the Advent Calendars. We've wrapped EVERYTHING we needed to wrap. The prawns are in the freezer. The house is slowly getting organised to cater to 30+ people for Christmas lunch.

I'm really looking forward to having a drink on Christmas Day. This usually wouldn't be a problem for me, but as I mentioned earlier - my body has decided (without any consultation on my part) that I need a break from any alcoholic beverages and water or tea will suffice. I hope my body will understand?

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Only 8 Sleeps To Go...

Only 8 sleeps to go and The Fat Man will be here.


Then ALL the crazyness will stop.

I heard my neighbour this morning (while I was hanging washing out) saying to her youngest, "If you don't start listening to me I am going to call Santa and tell him ALL about it", and I felt some relief.

It sounded very much like a conversation I had with my 3 last week. I'm glad it's not just me pulling out the old I'll phone Santa threat. Master 4 had his Pre-Kindy party this morning and he was the last child to receive his present (out of around 40 or so children). He was starting to look very worried - and I'm pretty sure he was remembering me on the phone to Santa, telling Santa just how naughty he had been. Poor little kid. I actually felt really really bad for him. Then his present came out and all was forgotten.

But, most of the presents are done. I still need to make sure I have enough for Miss 6. I'm pretty sure I have forgotten all about my middle child this year so will need to do a stocktake tonight and make sure. I have even managed to out-do myself with my Mother-In-Law, who is THE hardest person on Earth to buy for. She is going to be either very very happy or very very disappointed this year. I'm voting for the first.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Our Schools First Christmas Carols Evening

We had a HUGE day yesterday. It was the official opening of our school. It opened in Feb this year and has been such a great school. So yesterday all the official VIP's turned up in their lovely frocks and suits and spent an hour telling us how lucky we are to have our beautiful new school.

Well, they were right - we are lucky. The teachers are excellent, the classrooms are state-of-the-art (as you would expect with a new school), the children are really welcoming & seem to watch out for each other. We haven't had any of the problems we've encountered over the previous 2 years so we're very happy.

So, the VIP's came. Everyone was on their best behaviour and the kids all sang their brand new school song that one of the teachers had penned, and our musical guru (who seems to channel Peter Allen he is THAT GOOD) wrote the music. I have to say I had a wee tear in my eye, thank goodness for sunnies.

Then the VIP's left (after a grand tour of the school) and we stayed on until 6pm when the last assembly for the year took place (by this stage we had been at school for 4 hours - that's dedication for you). The teachers were awarding their class book awards and that was followed by Christmas by Candlelight (or battery operated candles as the case was). I have to say that was the most fun of the evening. Listening to 300 kids singing their little hearts out to Silent Night, Holy Night - and Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer was just about the best thing a parent can ask for at this time of the year. Oh, and my favourite was Aussie Jingle Bells

We were home by 7.30pm and the kids were in bed by 7.35.

Now, the following evening, we have 3 very grumpy children who are on their way to bed at 6.30.

Monday, 7 December 2009

My First EVER Published Article...

I have had my first foray into the world of writing - well, writing for a wider audience than myself that is. I have started writing for a bookselling blog. Here is my first attempt:

I was asked to write a minimum of 400 words. Now I have NO idea how much I'm writing when I get on here so I had a wee count & came to around 500 average. Easy I thought. I can do this.

So I started writing. Did you know that at the bottom of every word document there is a word tally? I had no idea! I was actually counting them individually Smiley

As I said, I started writing and looked down to find this magical number looking back at me. It said 695 words. WOW. I actually typed that many words without pausing to think about it. And it wasn't too bad. Just needed a wee bit of tweeking and viola! Done.

So, I emailed it off to The Man, who edited about 5 words and pressed the PUBLISH button. 

How excellent. I am so chuffed, and just a wee bit scared because he wants another one in 2 weeks!

Monday, 30 November 2009

Miss 8 Loves Her Insects!

Miss 8 is developing a very different personality than we expected. 

I know it's difficult to work out what sort of person your child is going to be from a young age but I think a Mum can pretty much suss out her child's persona very quickly. I guess we kind of need to know because we have to work out what their "currency" is. My sister is working that out for herself with my gorgeous niece Miss 2 (but that is another story). My point here is that Miss 8 has had a bit of a rough start to her life. She (thankfully) is the most independant & sociable of the 3 - but it all could have been so different. This is why this personality quirk of hers just cracks me up.

Read on...

Miss 8's class at school is learning about insects. Discussing spiders. Nurturing worm farms. You know, that sort of lovely creepy crawly thing they do at that age.

She had been at school ALL day and I was picking them up from their classrooms when I heard a very loud shriek from behind me. I turned around to see Miss 8 putting her hand back in her school dress pocket. When I asked her friend (who looked like she was about to faint) what was wrong - she told me Miss 8 had a cockroach in her pocket.

"A cockroach? WHAT!"

Miss 8 (a little defiently too which I kind of liked) pulled out the dead cockroach she had "saved" from the house yesterday (after I had killed it). She had decided, since they were studying Micro Monsters at school, that she would bring it in for show & tell. But the teacher didn't get around to show & tell today, and she forgot all about it sitting in her lovely school dress pocket until the bell had gone for end of school. 

This was when she decided it would be a good idea to show & tell.

It just makes me love her even more. She's not afraid to get her hands dirty. She wants to learn about the icky, gross things in life & nature. She's the kid that will pick up Jelly Fish in the river and freak out everyone else. She will rescue crickets she finds in the house and take them (and their sticky feet) outside. She doesn't care that no other girls do this sort of thing and I think it's absolutely FANTASTIC.

Perhaps she's going to be a Scientist when she grows up.

Or a Greenie...

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Miss 6 Wins!

The kids entered a colouring in competition at our local toy store.

This is nothing new. They enter competitions ALL the time. Mainly because Miss 8 loves to fill in her address details and will do it on any form she can lay her hands on!

We never win anything. We only enter them for Miss 8's obsession with completing forms.

But this time we actually won. Miss 6's entry was pulled out (and I'm still a little suspicious about this but we accept with grateful thanks) and she won an Australia Girl Doll

So all are happy in the Dixon household.

Well, except for Miss 8 ("Why didn't I win? Mine was better"), and Master 4 ("Can I have a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?")

Friday, 27 November 2009

My eBay Listing Marathon

Well, sort of. Have just spent 2 days listing my books madly on eBay.

They have kindly offered free listings Thursday & Friday so, of course everyone took up the offer. The listings will finish after Christmas so it was very good timing (for once).

But am completely exhausted!

And really really wish it had gone for just one more day.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

My Gorgeous Hydrangeas

I had to take a photo this morning of my hydrangeas. I know - it's a very lame thing to get excited about. But looking at them in the very early morning sun, they are just beautiful

Now tell me this wouldn't make you smile on a grumpy morning?

Thursday, 19 November 2009

I Hate Ads On TV

I am a flicker. I am a remote control hog. I absolutely loathe television advertising. I will flick onto the Test Pattern and watch that over watching ads, if there is nothing else to watch.

Imagine my horror when Miss 6 suddenly decides to become my Ad Commentator. She's been in every ad break so far this evening to ask me if: I have a crack in my windscreen because if I ring this number these people will come out and fix it for me; or a certain healthy alternative to fast food has a very low fat percentage which would be really good for them to eat.

I really really hate TV adverts. Now, I don't even have to be in the room to get them read to me.


Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Oh Squishy Boobs

Yearly Mammogram today. 

Oh what fun!

Don't you think God (or whomever) has the strangest sense of humour? 

Lets make this one a woman. Now, how do I make this one different to that one? 

I know. These lovely, squishy, soft things that are like airbags can go on the front. They might be fun - you never know. 

Oh wait. They should have a purpose. What could we do with them? Pillows for another person? Somewhere to carry things? A resting spot for little birds? 

Oh wait. This person could carry a child and then feed that child with these lovely, squishy, soft things that are like airbags. Right-O.

Now, not only should this person have lovely, squishy, soft things AND be able to nourish another with them, this person should also have: puberty, periods,childbirth,menopause and, once year, a lovely technician shall be able to take those lovely, squishy, soft things that look like airbags and press them as flat as she can with what feels like 2 heavy pieces of concrete and this will enable them to tell this person if she is going to get pretty sick pretty quickly - or be ok for another year!

Oh what fun! 

But you know what - to quote the great Helen Reddy:
"I Am Woman Hear Me Roar"!

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

We Saw The Whole of The Moon in Fremantle Today!

Well, we have a 40th party to attend on Saturday night. It's an '80s theme so pretty easy I'm thinking. We will hit the op shops. So Master 4 & I jumped into The Magic Mystery Machine (aka the Kia) and toddled off to Freo. Well, close enough to Freo anyway.

Right-o, into the oppie we go. Spent quite a while in there. Found nothing for me (apparently everyone has kept their very small denim mini's and Choose Life t-shirts from the '80s) but managed to aquire a very vintage stonewash denim jacket (yes we ALL had one of those) and a surfy shirt for himself.

After paying and walking out of the store we walked directly into the path of a Gentleman who was struggling to stand up after shedding his clothing for some he had pilferred from the Recycled Clothing bin he was standing next to. He was just managing to get one of his feet into the "new" pants and was using the window of the Hardware Store that neighbours the op shop to hold himself upright. Unfortunately he didn't manage to add underwear to his shopping list so we copped an absolute EYEFUL. 

I could hear Master 4 getting himself ready to make a very obvious comment as we tried to make our way past the now clothed (thank goodness) gentleman, so I very cleverly said;
"Oh look at that dog. Doesn't he look happy?"
But how could a 4 year old possibly be expected to find a dog more exciting than a man using the front of a shopping centre as his personal change room so;
"Oh mummy - look at that man. He doesn't have any pants on. His bottom is very white and VERY DIRTY".
"Don't be silly darling, the puppy dog is smiling. Look at him. LOOK AT HIM!!!"
"Mum, why doesn't he have any pants on?"
"Oh look - the bakery. Should we get a sticky bun?"

And people say you shouldn't bribe your children!

I feel like I need to scrub my brain with some Pine-O-Clean.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Our New Bunnings

Our new Bunnings opened up 2 weeks ago. It is just about Himselfs favourite shop. If they sold fishing gear & beer he would never shop anywhere else again. As it is we have been down there 4 times since it opened. And helped pay for everyone's wages for the first week.

The thing I absolutely love about this huge warehouse is this. We went down this morning (Sunday) at around 10.30. That is basically peak shopping hours for any Bunnings Store. It was busy - but not horribly so. And every aisle we walked down there was a Bunnings Assistant there, and 3 of the actually asked us if we needed any help!!!

OMG - we have stumbled across warehouse nirvana. That never happens. In fact we usually end up just following around anybody wearing a red shirt and stalking them until they help us - even if they don't work there. 

All I can say is - congratulations Bunnings & Westfarmers. You have finally got it right! Now keep it up and we will ALL be very happy campers 


Thursday, 12 November 2009

Miss 5 Turns 6!

A big Happy Birthday to Miss 6 (was 5)! What a great day you had, and a fantastic party. 


Of course I did far too much. Of course I didn't take up all of the offers for help (because I am supermum and I can do it all). Of course none of the kids could have cared less what they were eating as long as there was food there. Of course I said bring siblings, that will be just fine. Of course I made sure the siblings had lolly bags too.

My night away with the Bookclub Ladies next Friday CAN NOT COME SOON ENOUGH!

Monday, 9 November 2009

My Daughter, My Personal Trainer

I have started jogging again in the mornings. After some surgery early last year I discovered that I can actually run. I have nothing getting in my way anymore and I've found I'm not to bad at it. I started early this year, but after our holidays in May, swine flu in July & getting over winter, I never got back to it.

But one of the mums has become my jogging partner - and a good one she is too. 2 mornings at her house, 2 mornings at my house. Fridays off. Well Saturdays and Sundays off too Smileys. At 5.30 every morning. This morning we actually managed to run all the way around the lake - 1km. We were very proud. Probably won't be able to do it tomorrow though. Might need to borrow the wheelchair?

When I got home at just after 6am - 2 of the kids are up eating breakfast and Himself is getting his coffee ready to take to work. Miss 8 has decided she is my personal trainer.
"Don't sit down Mum. Lay down and give me 100 sit ups!"
Backgrounds |
Ok - that wasn't so bad.



I haven't done a split EVER. Even when I was 8 I couldn't do the splits. And now - at nearly 39 - she's expecting me to try?

Miss 8 is now not allowed out of her bedroom until 6.30am. That way I can make sure I've had a shower and am dressed before she attempts to make me do some pushups!!!

The benefits of being the client AND the mother.

Friday, 6 November 2009

An Afternoon of Cocktails :)

Had a very impromptu afternoon with one of my oldest girlfriends (and her daughters, hi K) and one of my newest girlfriends (and her son & daughter, hi S).

It was lovely and we all had our fair share of drinks. The kids were well fed and watered so they enjoyed themselves too.

Then they all went home and I started cleaning up. Bit of a mess but as soon as I put my feel good music on it's easy peesy. My feel good music is Bon Jovi. Very very very loud. With me as backing vocals. Very very loud.

Now, this is NOT a once off. Every time I need some motivation, on comes Jon, Ritchie & the boys. This has been happening for years. It also extends to doing the bookwork for Himself's business, getting ready for tax time, cleaning the house, baking on a Sunday afternoon, going for a run around the oval, driving by myself - or just whenever I feel I need a pick-me-up!

I didn't actually realise that I had motivational music until speaking to my sister tonight. She has referred to me as a Bogan. Be that as it may - I am a huge fan and have been since for the last 22 years. Some people might be motivated by Gospel, some by Bach, others by Anthony Robbins. But if you put on Slippery When Wet at full loudness I would clean your house from top to bottom - or until the music finished.

Go ahead and try it. It doesn't have to be the boys. It could be anything from your formative years, but I guarantee that the music from that time of your life will always put a smile on your face. 


Thursday, 5 November 2009

A Novel Book Is Finally Up & Running!

And so it is finally here.

Thanks Ebay for forcing my hand. I guess I really needed to be pushed, otherwise I'd still be sitting here twiddling my thumbs, waiting for someone to do all the hard work for me. 

It is a LOT more work than I thought it would be. But it's all mine. No fees to Ebay. All the profit is mine - well, Mr Rudd gets some, the publishers get some, the web host gets some, the bank gets some. But what's left over is all mine - well, the kids get some, the dog needs vaccinating, the council rates will be due soon. But what's left over is all mine. 

Welcome to the world of small business.

Himself was telling me his thoughts on my new business venture. His goal (for me but meaning him) is for the business to turn over around $5000 a week, then he can quit work and come work for me. I actually think he meant to say "Turn over $5000 a week and I can go fishing". Good thing I can understand his undertones.

So, back to it. Have to earn my 25cents per book - after paying all of the above. But first I need someone to buy a book from me. 

Perhaps I need to add advertising to the list of creditors above 

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Clap Clap - Now Do I Have Your Attention?

At school, to get the kids attention, the teachers do this fantastic clapping thing. They do a series of claps and the kids all stop what they are doing and clap back. It is such a brilliant concept and seems to work every time.

But be warned, this is only to be used at school. Apparently, when you get the children home their ears stop working and you can clap until your hands fall off and not one person will hear you.

2 days ago we were in the car. Our car can be a very, very noisy place. There are 4 people all talking at once and nobody can hear a thing. Obviously Miss 5 (nearly 6) had had enough of this. I guess nobody was listening (see how she likes it for once Smileys ) so the next thing I hear is the clap clap thing.

And, surprise, it actually worked.

Miss 8 & Master 4 actually stopped talking and clapped back.

Now, if I could just remember the sequence I might be able to use it myself.

Happy Birthday Mum!!!

Today was my Mums birthday. She would have been 64. So off we went, to the cemetery to wish her a Happy Birthday and drop off some roses from the front garden, and a lovely card that was handcrafted by Miss 8 & Miss 5 (nearly 6).

We put Mum's ashes there only a little while ago. She's spent the last 23 years in a very small box, mostly at Dad's house but the last 3 years at my house, next to the TV, so she can be around the cyclonic home of The Dixon's. It's actually been quite comforting having her here all those years. But we decided it was probably time to put her somewhere where she can rest!

We've explained (in the simplest of terms) to the kids about cemeteries. We've told them that the gravestones are Remembering Stones that people put there to remember their family that have died. They know all about death & what happens (well, as much as little kids can) so they got the concept of Remembering Stones really easily.

The questions I got today, though, were more about the stones that were much, much larger than Nana's Remembering Stone. Miss 5 (nearly 6) is very astute at putting these sorts of things together.

We went off, after visiting Nana & singing Happy Birthday, to visit other family members who also live at the cemetery. To get to them we walked through the grave stones (which by the way is a very interesting experience with an 8,5 and 4 year old). 

"Who is this person Mum?"
"Was this person really old or really young?"
"How did this one die Mum?"
"Oh, how cute, this one has a teddy bear/flowers/balloons on it, can we keep it?"

So, we found our relatives and said hi - then weaved our way back, when Miss 5 (nearly 6) asks about the grave stones...
"They are much bigger than Nana's - do they have people under them?"
"Well, yes they do".
"Oh, well how come Nana is under a tree with 25 other Remembering Stones? (trust her to count the plaques) Was she very little?"

Well, I might tell them stuff that other parents might not just yet - but there is NO WAY I am going to start explaining cremation to them so I did what every parent that wants to avoid conversation says - "Who wants icecream?"

Happy Birthday Mum

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Summer Is Almost Here!

Last weekend was the hottest day we've had since April (at least). 

So, what do you do with the kids if you can't be bothered getting to the beach in 38 degree temps? You get them to wash your car Smileys

And you also ask your 2 year old neice to help. I'm not too sure how much of the car got washed but the kids were sure clean (and cool) when they'd finished. 

But we all can not wait for summer to get here properly. This winter was a very very long one. We were all so sick for so long - it's nice to bet some Vitamin D back into us. And my powerbill is bound to be about $300 cheaper because the dryer has been retired until next year.

I am going to miss the easy slow cooker dinners though. How easy is it to just load the cooker up with yummy stuff, turn it on - and come back to eat it in 8 hours? But, having said that I think I've found the summer equivalent to the "easy winter slow cooker meals".
(And when I say equivalent I actually mean easy)

And, Miss Fussy 5 eats them until they are ALL gone. She will stuff it with everything we have on offer (except tomato's) and then ask for more. Why have I never discovered this before? Or is it that seasonal food that is loved one season & abhorred the next?

I have a very vivid memory of Mum introducing me to plums when I was very little. And loving them. I can also follow that up with the memory of Mum trying to reintroduce them to me the following season and turning my fussy nose up at them. I can still hear her saying "But you've eaten them before", and me answering "Yes I know but I don't like them anymore".

I wonder where Miss 5 gets it from???Smileys

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The Walk!

We finally did something I never thought we would do. Today we walked home from school.
I had always just assumed we would wait until Miss 8 was in High School before I'd be able to walk with Miss 5 & Master 4 but she (once again) proved me wrong.
What a trooper. She finds it so much harder to do stuff than we do, but I throw out the challenge and she answers EVERY time.
Unlike her sister, Miss 5 who complained and made us stop a couple of times because her feet were sore. It's only a 20 minute walk - and she's been bugging me for months to walk home. Poor, poor Miss 5...

Miss 8 was ok, but was not very happy when I said this was going to be a regular thing. She reminded me how she has Cerebral Palsy and can't really do that much walking. Silly goose!!!

Now, off to have a quick rehydrating water, followed by a well-deserved cocktail


Bottoms UP!!!

Thursday, 8 October 2009

School Holidays So Far!

Well, we have had a busy 2 weeks. I think I would be happy if we had 3 weeks holidays at this time of year. The first week went so quickly that we have only just go into holiday mode. 

We have been to the zoo, AQWA (the aquarium) & today we went to the Fremantle Maritime Museum of Shipwrecks. I am fairly sure this is what they have enjoyed the most - which is great because it was the CHEAPEST by a long shot  Smileys

They had some excellent holiday activities there. We made some pirate kites (which took FOREVER) & then we received a treasure map which we had to follow all around the museum & collect the clues at each stage so we could reach the next.

Master 4 loved seeing the old swords, daggers & cutlasses. He was not very impressed when he found he couldnt take them out of their glass cabinets. Miss 5 loved looking at all the old coins. She found it hard to comprehend the age of them (nearly 400 years old). She kept asking "how old is that"? Miss 8 was very impressed with the treasure hunt & finding all the clues. I was mostly impressed by the part of the shipwreck they had in the museum. It was only the bow, but it was enormous. They also had some cannons lying around the place, another thing Master 4 loved. Perhaps he was a seaman in a previous life?

Then lunch at Fishing Boat Harbour, icecream at Baskin Robbins & home for a cocktail & a lie down. 

A very fine day in The Dixon House

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Hoyts - What A Rip OFF!!!

This afternoon, after Himself came home from work, we decided to take the kids to the movies. We thought we'd catch an early session & then have a lovely burger for dinner, then home by 7pm. Good early night.

Got to the movie theatre and went to buy the tickets. The lovely gentleman behind the counter smiled and asked how many I would like? 2 adults, 3 children please. No problem, that will be $75.

Excuse me? I thought I heard you say $75?

Yes - that is how much it costs.

But we've never, ever paid that much to see a movie - ESPECIALLY a kids movie. We were only here 2 weeks ago and we paid $50, and that was too much then.

Well, that's how much it costs. No Family Ticket offer, no "pay by Visa and get a discount" offer.

So we went to the DVD shop on the way home and rented the latest Scooby-Doo movie. For $6.50.

We use this particular cinema often. It has really convenient parking and isn't too far from home. But we won't use it again. And we will recommend our friends never use it again either.


Well, I guess we know how the movie companies make their money now don't we?

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

God Bless The Nintendo dsi

We have finally succombed.

The kids have won their long fought battle over hand held game consoles. Miss 8 & 5 have been saving their pocket money all year to be able to buy one of these contraptions (much to our bemusement). We didn't really want them to be bought - but it's not our money anymore. We happily paid for very cheap labour over the past 7 months so we've lost all our rights to what the money is to be used for.

So off to the shops we trotted. In the pouring rain. In the freezing cold. Off to spend our hard earned money. The man at the gaming shop was so happy to see us. I think he made his quota for the day in the first 1/2 hour of opening up this morning! As we walked out of the shop (with me clutching the bags very securely) I could have sworn I heard the salesman mumble something about closing up and going home for the day.

But it ended up being a lovely day at the Dixon house. The silence was deafening. I had to turn the radio up very loudly to make up for the lack of arguing & discussing what movie will be on next.

This DS thing is fantastic. It was almost like not having kids at all. Almost. Except for the toys on the floor, the half eaten sandwich under my foot, the apple juice leaking all over my couch & the poor dog wearing a headband. AND it was the best bargaining tool for eating dinner we have ever had.

Long Live Nintendo...

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Miss 8 & her cast!

Miss 8 went to her physio appointment yesterday morning. It's a long standing thing & usually involves a heap of very strenuous exercises to help strengthen & stretch her muscles after her Botox injections last month. After a few minutes, her physio came out and suggested it was time for some serial casting. Now, you would think that after 8 years of seeing therapists we would have tried just about everything there is, but this was a new one. I'd heard of it but we'd never tried it.

Basically she's now in a cast - just for a week - and she looks like she's broken her leg! But she's moving around at almost the same speed she was before it went on. It is not bothering her in the slightest which is fantastic.

It says so much about the person she is. If it had been Miss 5 we would be hearing ALL about how sore she is, how it hurts her foot etc. But Miss 8 is the bravest person I know. We keep throwing all these challenges at her (like she doesn't have enough already), and force her to be very uncomfortable and she just accepts it and gets on with life. She NEVER EVER complains.

If only I had half of her fortitude.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

A Naughty Master 3 (Nearly 4)

Well, it had to happen.

Master 3 has always been very much like Miss 8 in his mannerisms & personalities. They also swim the same, write the same - and yell the same. But, in the last week he has turned into Miss 5 (which isn't altogether a bad thing). He has aquired her ability to reduce me to tears at the dinner table.

This is YUCK
I won't eat this
This will make me SICK

We went through this exact same thing EXACTLY 2 years ago with Miss 5 (then 3) who, every single night said those exact words but followed it up with:
"I want Bakes Beans (sic)"
So, in the end that is what she had for dinner. Every night. For 8 weeks.
Her teacher commented on the green haze that hung over her during nap time so I explained that she was getting her daily dose of legumes. After 8 weeks she begged us to give her something else - and so the cycle was broken.

This is NOT the case with Master 3 (nearly 4).

He doesn't want anything. Won't eat baked beans, doesn't want spaghetti, sandwiches are yuck.
So, yesterday morning (after another night of critiquing my culinary skills - and getting sent to bed without dinner) I served him up his dinner for brekkie. The girls were astounded! That had NEVER happened before. EVER!!!! Master 3 gave me the same review he had given me the night before.

So no breakfast.

Lunchtime came - "I'm hungry mum". Out came dinner again. This time he ate 5 corn kernels from the corn cob, and then offered up a variation of his review.

So no lunch.

By this time I'm starting to freak out. Never have any of my children gone 24 hours without eating anything (unless they've been really really really sick). Stubborn little bugger. The girls came home from school and had their snacks with him drooling over them.

He ate his dinner last night.

Well, most of it Smileys

Saturday, 19 September 2009

A Conversation About Love with Miss 5

"I love you Mummy - do you love me?"
"Yes sweetie"
"Even when you get grumpy with me?"
"Yes Sweetie - of course I love you when I'm grumpy. Just because I'm grumpy doesn't mean I don't love you"
"Even when you're grumpy with Daddy?"
"Yes honey - if you're grumpy with someone and you don't love them then you shouldn't be with them anymore"

This is all happening as I'm trying to say goodnight as she's in bed. You know THAT conversation!

"Do you mean that you can find someone else to love if you don't love that person anymore?"
"Well" (I'm now thinking - how do I get out of this conversation)
"Yes - I could find someone else to love if I didn't love Daddy, but it took SO LONG to find him that I really couldn't be bothered looking again. And I still love him so it's not really a problem"

Phew - got out of that one!

"But Mum, can you really really love another person? Really?"
"Yes honey".
"How did you meet Daddy?"
"At a pub, after I came home from a long holiday"
"Oh goody - when do we go on holiday?"

And that, folks, is how you change the conversation from love & divorce to holidays


Friday, 18 September 2009

All The Single Ladies - Beyonce. Miss 5's Interpretation

"All the singlets, all the singlets - put your hands up"!!!!

As sung by Miss 5 in the car yesterday. She was tryng to teach Master 3 how to sing it.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Don't Live Near A Volcano

Driving Miss 8 to therapy this afternoon and Master 3 says:
 "If your house has too much fire in it, it will burn all down & we can get a new house."

Better nip this one in the bud (thinks I cleverly): "That's right, but you will loose all of your toys & DVD's and we won't have any money to buy any new ones".
That sorted that one.

Master 3: "This is why you should NEVER EVER build your house on top of a volcano!"
Well he's right of course

During the same journey this song was sung - by Master 3:
"Mrs Brown went to town with her vagina hanging out"
I'm not really sure what songs they are teaching him at Kindy/Daycare but I've suggested he use the more well-known version of the song and sing "knickers" instead of "vagina".

Sunday, 6 September 2009

25 Random Things About Me!

1. I am an Aquarian so I have very grand ideas - that almost never have follow through. I would like to change that one day. Not too sure if that means the ideas should be a lot smaller or much fewer!
2. I miss my mum more now, as my children get older, than I did when I was becoming an adult. Although I do hear her giving me advice ALL THE TIME, usually followed by a great big belly laugh. I guess she's with me more than not...
3. I really really really don't like Tom Cruise - or his very silly religion.
4. I didn't believe in God for a very long time - but, something is changing. Every now and then I feel the urge to have a chat with Him. It makes me feel a little calmer. Is that weird?
5. I love my friends. Very much. The ones I've known for 30 years, who knew me with ponytails and knobbly knees. The ones I've met in the last few years - who have known me with old & new boobs. The ones I'm going to meet who will know me as a very calm, happy, content Amanda.
6. I love wine. I think I might love it just a little too much. I am trying to find a happy medium but this last week of school holidays has tested me. I promise to do better - and perhaps keep the sipping to the weekends.
7. I wish my father had fallen in love with a woman that loved his family, or even liked his family. My children are now missing out on half of their grandparents because of this woman. Thank God for In-Laws.
8. I can't say Bureau.
9. I can't roll my tongue - but Himself and the kids can. So can Dad & little sis. Mum could too. Wasn't there something from Yr 10 Science about the tongue rolling genetics? I must've been standing in the boob line when they gave that gene out!!!
10. Sometimes, not very often because I am actually ok with it, just sometimes I wish Miss 8 didn't have Cerebral Palsy. But that is mainly for my benefit. I just know how hard it's going to be for her and would love for her life to not be too hard.
11. I wish I didn't cry so bloody easily. WUSS!!!
12. I want to take Himself to Turkey. He would love it, although he doesn't think he will.
13. I will never, ever forgive my mum & dad for not letting me go and see ABBA at the Entertainment Centre when I was 8. I have never gotten over that, although dad did try to make it up to me when he took me to see the WWF (with Junkyard Dog & Tito) around 1984. Still, not quite the same.
14. Wow - this is harder than I thought. I sometimes think I'm just cruising through life. I think I need a challenge, but I'm just a little bit busy at the mo. Could I order one in about 4 years time?
15. I am really really looking forward to turning 40. I think (here comes that bloody number 11 again) it's because Mum didn't get that far and I think it will be a huge thing. I really need to practice my rollerskating tho.
16. I love reading. I love bookclub. I love selling books on Ebay. I always wanted to write a book. Perhaps this is where number 14 comes in?
17. I love that my kids love camping. We would be in an awful lot of trouble if they were all tent-haters.
18. I love having acrylic nails. They have fixed my dermatitis up too. I love that I can change them whenever I want to. I love that it's a really girly thing to do (I don't get much of a chance to do girly things at the mo). I love that they look so great. Jen does rock!!!
19. I worry (more than I should) about Himself & I not being here for the kids. I guess that's a parent thing but, still, I worry. Alot. (number 11 again)
20. I'm actually finding this really theraputic. Perhaps I needed to vent some stuff?
21. I love love love David Duchovny, Christian Slater, Hyde (from That 70's Show), Cold Chisel, John Sheppard (Stargate Atlantis) & now Timothy Hutton.
22. I watch too much TV.
23. My dream car has always been a Porsche. Still is. Still a dream...
24. I wish I had the guts to get my ears pierced again. I can still remember how much it hurt when I was 10 tho...
25. I am so glad I don't smoke anymore - but I love being downwind from someone who's just lit one up. When does that stop? It's been 12 years

Happy Fathers Day!

It's Fathers Day today. YIPPEE!!!!!
A day for Himself to be showered with a whole heap of fantastic stuff. Stuff he actually wants (because his wife pays attention to what he likes - very unlike Mothers Day when I get what he 'thinks' I want). And then he gets heaps of lovely things that have been made at school, kindy & daycare.
He was spoilt rotten with lots of choccy things made for him, and Miss 8 made him about 10 different cards. After giving him his 6th card she was asked (very nicely) why there were so many.
"They are for when you die so you can remember me".
I'm thinking that his one wish for today is that today isn't the day he will need them.
"Kids say the darndest things".
Off to my sisters for a Fathers Day dinner of lots & lots of pizza. Then we can say Happy Fathers Day to our dad. We rang him this morning and Miss 5 got on to wish him a happy day & then gave phone to Master 3 who said hello, then put the phone down on the couch so he could continue watching the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (as you do). After about 5 minutes I asked him if he'd finished talking to Pop & could I have the phone back please? Surprise surprise - Pop is still waiting on the phone. Silly buggers.....
A fine start to the day :)

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Sports Carnival

Yesterday was our brand new schools first sports carnival. The kids have been practising madly for weeks. Miss 5 managed to overcome her hatred for running and has been embracing sports practice with great enthusiasm (most unlike her!). Until she woke up yesterday morning. There were tears & a lot of moaning and groaning about how she DID NOT want to go to school, DID NOT want to do the sports carnival, DID NOT want Nana to come & watch her. This was kept up for a good 2 hours, until we actually got to school and then the smiles came out. I mean seriously, it's not like she's Usain Bolt for crying out loud. They aren't running 100 metres in under 10 seconds. In fact - she ran about 25 metres in around 10 seconds, but there was probably just as much paparrazi at the end of her race as Mr Bolt has when he runs his races :)
Miss 8 did really well. She came third in her race which was one better than last year. She's already aiming for first for next year so should be interesting. She also helped her faction come first in the flag races - although they very nicely gave her a 3 flag headstart as her legs don't quite work the same way the other kids do. AND she won the Inaugural Striving For Success Medal - which was a teachers choice award for the children that make a difference & are hugely determined (well, that is Miss 8's middle name THANK GOD!!!)
So, all in all, a great day. Weather was beeeoootiful (for the first time in our Sports Carnival going years, the rest have all been sub-zero temps) and everyone got sunburnt & totally full of cake stall goodies.
Husband had a great day too. Not only was it the first proper day without rain in about 2 months, he got to go fishing with his fishing buddy for the first time in probably 2 months as well. They caught nothing, but that is certainly NOT unusual. Drank some beer, got thoroughly drenched when the rain did finally start and was home in bed snoring by around 9.30 last night.
Good day in the Dixon House

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Miss 5 on The Chicken Or The Egg philosophy

The question has finally been asked - "Dad, if the chicken is inside the egg & it's the very very first egg ever, who laid it?" Followed very quickly by "And when the very first baby was born - who was it's mummy if there was nobody else around?"
Answer - "Go see your mother!"
Thanks ever so much for that one :(
I told her there were 2 answers to this one. Both had very very long & very very short answers (hoping fervantly that she would ask for the short answers). Being about 5 minutes away from bedtime - she, of course, wanted the long answers. She got the short ones.
I basically said that most people believed that God made the first 2 people, gave her the names and some basic info ("Told you mum that apples were yuck"), and said if she needed to know anything else she would be better of asking Pa (who has an awful lot more knowledge on this subject than I have). Then I said there are also many people who don't think God made people, that they came from very very very tiny little organisms that, over millions of years, became us.
I have a sneaking suspicion Miss 5 is going to become an Evolutionist. She seemed very happy with that answer.
Then I suggested she speak to her teacher tomorrow to get the complete low down.
Fob Fob Fob :)

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Discussion on dead people by Miss 8

At the table last night while having dinner - Miss 8 has let forth with "my friend at school was told by her Nana that there are dead people buried under the school & under the footpath".
So starts the discussion on where dead people are buried, how far down they are buried, why they get buried, what if they aren't really dead. And some of these questions were from Miss 5 & Master 3 - as they were eating their spaghetti too.
Then Miss 8 says "well, my friend is right because she can smell the skeletons".
Well, of course she must be right then :)

Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Today is Botox day for Miss 8-was 7. She has Cerebral Palsy so every 6 months we toddle off to the hospital for some injections into her calf muscles in both legs.
It's a pretty crap day. But she's getting braver each time we go. She barely has any medication and we don't have to hold her down to keep her still.
Not quite sure what she thinks of me when I insist we go, but I hope she'll look back in years to come and know it was all for the better.
Yucko & bla.
Sometimes, being a mum sux.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

A Day At The Beach

The weather was meant to be terrible this weekend but today was lovely so off to the beach we headed.
The kids & Himself walked up & down the beach collecting every shell & cuttlefish they could find, while I lay on a blanket and read a book (my idea of a perfect afternoon in Perth).
Afterwards we wondered along the jetty to see what everyone was catching for their dinner, when Miss 5 asked us if we could get some more Hug Fish.
What's Hug Fish I hear you ask?
Well, when we finally got to the bottom of it - turns out a Hug Fish is a Cuttlefish. Or Cuddlefish as Miss 5 heard :)

Saturday, 1 August 2009

A Nursery Rhyme I Learnt Today

Master 3 sings:
" Baa Baa Black Sheep, have you any spots?
Yes sir, yes sir, lots & lots
Some on my head & some on my tummy
And one on my bottom but that's not funny"

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Joining the P&C

Oh dear.
It seems I have turned into that mum that says yes to every man & his dog that needs extra members for their committee's.
This one was the Fund Raising committee for the kids school. It's the second one I've been too.
The reason I said yes to the first one was it was being held at the local pub, and I have never knocked back an evening at the pub.
This evening was much better. Better than a pub I hear you ask? Yes, it was at someone's house, and the 8 people that turned up all bought a bottle of wine. That is SOOO much better. And all but 2 bottles were consumed so you can say the Fund Raising committee is well under way.
All in all, a perfect way to spend a Tuesday eve. Repeats on TV, computer with a virus so off-site being de-virused - not really much to do at home, so joining a committee seemed like a good idea. Can't quite remember ALL of the ideas though. Might need to appoint a sober secretary / teetotaler transcriber in future.
But the best news of this week is Miss 7 (nearly 8) is going back to school tomorrow - after 4 weeks off school. YIPEEEEEEEE.
Oh, does that sound a little like I'm excited? I am very very ready for her to head back to school. She needs it more than I (well, that's what I'm telling myself).

Sunday, 26 July 2009

This week has been fairly memorable - not really sure if I need to add this to my diary. I am hardly going to forget it!
The week The Dixon house became The House of Swine.
Yep, we've been cursed/blessed with the H1N1 virus - more commonly referred to as Swine Flu although I'm having to call it the 'flu now as Miss 5 is taking great delight in calling her big sister piggy names :)
Although I think I may have inadvertently got her back today. We were making chocolate chip biscuits and she was doing so well I told her I'd make a Baker out of her yet! She was almost hysterical, telling me she didn't want to be bacon.
Hahahaha - might make her think twice about giving her sister piggy names though.
p.s. - All is good though. Not a bad dose & all the kids have had it so it the Swine shall not cross our paths again.