Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Joining the P&C

Oh dear.
It seems I have turned into that mum that says yes to every man & his dog that needs extra members for their committee's.
This one was the Fund Raising committee for the kids school. It's the second one I've been too.
The reason I said yes to the first one was it was being held at the local pub, and I have never knocked back an evening at the pub.
This evening was much better. Better than a pub I hear you ask? Yes, it was at someone's house, and the 8 people that turned up all bought a bottle of wine. That is SOOO much better. And all but 2 bottles were consumed so you can say the Fund Raising committee is well under way.
All in all, a perfect way to spend a Tuesday eve. Repeats on TV, computer with a virus so off-site being de-virused - not really much to do at home, so joining a committee seemed like a good idea. Can't quite remember ALL of the ideas though. Might need to appoint a sober secretary / teetotaler transcriber in future.
But the best news of this week is Miss 7 (nearly 8) is going back to school tomorrow - after 4 weeks off school. YIPEEEEEEEE.
Oh, does that sound a little like I'm excited? I am very very ready for her to head back to school. She needs it more than I (well, that's what I'm telling myself).

Sunday, 26 July 2009

This week has been fairly memorable - not really sure if I need to add this to my diary. I am hardly going to forget it!
The week The Dixon house became The House of Swine.
Yep, we've been cursed/blessed with the H1N1 virus - more commonly referred to as Swine Flu although I'm having to call it the 'flu now as Miss 5 is taking great delight in calling her big sister piggy names :)
Although I think I may have inadvertently got her back today. We were making chocolate chip biscuits and she was doing so well I told her I'd make a Baker out of her yet! She was almost hysterical, telling me she didn't want to be bacon.
Hahahaha - might make her think twice about giving her sister piggy names though.
p.s. - All is good though. Not a bad dose & all the kids have had it so it the Swine shall not cross our paths again.