Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Tony Abbott's Budgy Smugglers!

Ebay Item number:160415711114, or Tony Abbott's Swim Suit

I'm not too sure why this tickled my fancy. Maybe it's because Miss 8 (who has Cerebral Palsy for those not up with the family) might somehow benefit from this.

If this is a legit auction, from The Cerebral Palsy Association, or as it's known in the Eastern States (and I don't like the name but that's just me), The Spastic Centre, then this could potentially pay for a child, or two, to have Botox treatment. Or some other form of therapy that would help them to walk, talk, or sit up.

Add it to your watch list and see what happens.

Maybe you will be the proud owner of a brand new pair of Speedo's that have been signed by the man himself. 

I wonder if you can claim it as a tax deduction since the proceeds go to charity?

The Worst Storm To Hit Perth In Years

That was just about the scariest storm I've been in (and I've been in a few cyclones up north too).

I love a good storm.

Himself always shakes his head at me. The minute there is lightning I'm outside in a chair (usually with a glass of wine), sitting back and loving the show. The kids are starting to do the same thing. They aren't scared by thunder & lightning, which is excellent.

But yesterday was scary.

I was driving home from Speech T therapy with the kids. We left at 4pm and could see the lightning coming from the North. Our storms rarely come from there, they are usually from the West and, on the odd occassion from the East. But this came rolling in from the North and you could see it coming.

I decided not to take the freeway home because I just know what idiots Perth drivers are. And thank God I made that decision. I just heard on the radio that there were maniacs doing 100kms in the emergency lanes. What sort of brain thinks that's a good idea?

So we took the back streets home. The 20 minute drive took 45 minutes and it was nasty. The hail was enormous and thumping into all sides of the car. The rain was so heavy (some have reported around 35 mils in 15 minutes) I just couldn't see. The lightning was just incredible and the thunder actually shook my car.

The kids weren't scared at all. They were having a great time (which made my trip a lot easier). Made it home. The house escaped any damage. We kept our power and all was good.

The kids are just dying for it to be winter (we're going to Bali this winter and they are hugely excited) so they all got into their flanny pj's, dressing gowns & ugg boots. I had to get Nana to tell them (over the phone) to take them all off before bed because last night was horribly muggy and going to be 21 degrees. They would have melted away.

So we've survived the first storm of the season. I hope everyone else did too.


Saturday, 20 March 2010

A Grumpy Day In The Dixon Household!

A messy day today. Kids have been feral.

It started at around 6am (yes they were ALL up at that time) when Miss 8 felt slighted about something Miss 6 & Master 4 had done to her so proceeded to tell the WHOLE neighbourhood about it, at the top of her voice. She has a really, really good set of lungs on her.


When I take the kids out in public (usually the shops because that's where they turn feral) I have a system. They are warned before we set foot inside a shop. If they behave and I don't have to tell any of them off - they get a bribe, er treat. If I have to tell them off they get nothing. Miss 6 had the hugest tantrum at the shops this morning so no bribe, er treat for her afterwards. And you should have heard the commotion. I think every person that walked past us was positive that I had cut her arm off with a blunt pair of scissors!

And it got much worse when her sister  got the bribe, er treat, and she didn't. The commotion became a full on angry scream. There goes the other arm  Smiley. Master 4 missed out too because he and his sister just can't help themselves, but he's learnt very quickly to take his punishment like a man. He was ok with no donut (well, he probably wasn't but he say where things were headed with Miss 6 so he didn't make a peep).

Have had  a pretty quiet morning after all of that. Miss 6 has been in her bedroom since we got home. It's kinda peaceful too.

Might be time for me to have a wee nana nap tho. These early starts are killing me Smiley


Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Have just discovered this absolutely gorgeous little blog/website.

The author, Leah, writes thank you notes that are just great. Have a look at them here ThxThxThx.

So I thought I would try to do one every day, or maybe it will be every week but I'm going to give it my best shot.


Saturday, 13 March 2010

Girl Guides

Last week Miss 8 & Miss 6 joined the Girl Guides.

It was something I never did as a child. In fact I only know of 1 person when we were growing up, that was involved with the Guides movement - and she really didn't do an awful lot to make it appealing!

So off we went, for a trial run, to see if they (or I) would like it. I don't really know an awful lot about the Guides but it looks like I'm going to learn pretty quickly.

They both loved it.

The first time was so funny, I wished I had my video camera with me.

They all got in a circle and said their thing they say at the beginning. I didn't get many of the words (because they were saying it super quickly) but I'm sure we'll get some sort of print out so the girls can recite it too.

Miss 6 spent the entire recitation trying to decide which fingers to hold up, and on which hand. By the time she had the same hand and the same amount of fingers up in the air everyone was leaving!

Miss 8 had the right fingers, on the right hand up immediately, and was pretty determined to say what everyone else was saying. Only she didn't know the words. So she sounded EXACTLY like Mr Bean in the episode where he goes to church and the only words he knew to the hymn was Hallelujah. Every few words she would say something very loudly just so everyone knew she was saying something.

This week we went to the Armadale Reptile Centre which we've been to before. It's a great place to go. The kids love being able to check out all the snakes, see the wombats, talk to the 'roos, gawk at the dingoes and run away from the wedgetailed eagle.

The bit that they all love the most is when they bring out one of the pythons. We've been there before and they've let it slither around on the grass, although they didn't do that this time (Thank GOD).
I understand the reasoning behind bringing the python out. I also understand the best way to get over any fears is to face them, even pat them. But I left that one to the kids. There is no real reason I can see that I would ever need to pat a snake. I have a dog for that Smiley

Friday, 12 March 2010

The Sandman Panel Van!

 I was driving on the freeway this morning and in front of me was a Sandman Panel Van.

I didn't even know these machines still existed. I thought they had been relegated to car museums, but how wrong I was.

And how many memories this car bought back to me. In fact, I was so busy reminiscing about the "good old days" I missed my exit and had to turn around and double back Smiley

I didn't spend an awful lot of time in a Sandman (my dad would have killed me if he had've found me in the back of one of them), but I was around enough of them to appreciate them. Many "do you remember the time" stories involved someone in a panel van. 

There were many names for this car as well. Do you remember the "Sin Bin" or the "Shaggin Wagon"? There was also another name for it too (I'm not mentioning it here) that had the word truck in it.

Geez I'm glad they aren't around anymore. I have 2 daughters who would probably love to go for a ride in one, and a son who would give his 4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for a ride in the back. I mean, how many cars are there that come with a mattress in the back?

Now that I think of it - I would be really happy if the car craze at the time of my kids being teenagers is more like this 

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Why Do I Have To Be Different?

I took Miss 8 to her therapy yesterday afternoon. She goes every Tuesday with 3 other kids the same age as her. They all have Cerebral Palsy and they are all affected slightly differently. They've been doing this since they were very little and are all pretty good mates.

When we turned up yesterday, little Miss M was getting out of the car in tears. I asked her mum what was wrong, as Miss M (as can Miss 8) can turn on the waterworks sometimes. Miss M has had enough of having Cerebral Palsy. She's had enough of having to wear splints. She's had enough of having to have Botox injections every 6 months (and so has her mum, and me too for that fact). She's had enough of having to wear a helmet at school because her balance isn't very good and she falls over a bit. She's very angry at God because he's made her this way. She's had enough of being different.

Oh that poor, poor little girl. I was just about in tears, as was her mum.

But we both did what we had to do and told her that being different was ok. 
That if we were all the same how boring life would be. That the reason she is who she is, is because she's different. She wouldn't be Miss M if she was any other way. That there were worse things in life - she might not be able to see, or walk, or talk, or she might be allergic to icecream (I was trying hard for laughs here).

It's just crap!

It's horrible to have to try and get an 8 year old girl to feel ok about herself when it can be such a struggle. And I know she was looking for backup. I know she just wanted someone to say "Yes it is crap, and it's horrible, and we wish you weren't affected by this condition", but we can't say that.

I have no idea how long it's going to be before I have this conversation with Miss 8. She seems to be oblivious (usually) to the differences between her and her normal-bodied friends. She does have her frustrations and can have moments of pure anger, but I tend to let her have them when she needs to. It seems to be an outlet for her and I think it's healthier to let her have a tantrum (in her bedroom of course, we don't need to be hearing it) than to bottle it all up.

I didnt' get a chance to talk to the therapist after they'd finished yesterday. They are all at the age now where they can start discussing these sorts of things, so I really want to know how they are all taking Miss M's realisations. Will Miss 8 start asking questions? Will she have a breakdown or will she just take it in her stride? 

It's just really, really crap.