Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Summer Is Almost Here!

Last weekend was the hottest day we've had since April (at least). 

So, what do you do with the kids if you can't be bothered getting to the beach in 38 degree temps? You get them to wash your car Smileys

And you also ask your 2 year old neice to help. I'm not too sure how much of the car got washed but the kids were sure clean (and cool) when they'd finished. 

But we all can not wait for summer to get here properly. This winter was a very very long one. We were all so sick for so long - it's nice to bet some Vitamin D back into us. And my powerbill is bound to be about $300 cheaper because the dryer has been retired until next year.

I am going to miss the easy slow cooker dinners though. How easy is it to just load the cooker up with yummy stuff, turn it on - and come back to eat it in 8 hours? But, having said that I think I've found the summer equivalent to the "easy winter slow cooker meals".
(And when I say equivalent I actually mean easy)

And, Miss Fussy 5 eats them until they are ALL gone. She will stuff it with everything we have on offer (except tomato's) and then ask for more. Why have I never discovered this before? Or is it that seasonal food that is loved one season & abhorred the next?

I have a very vivid memory of Mum introducing me to plums when I was very little. And loving them. I can also follow that up with the memory of Mum trying to reintroduce them to me the following season and turning my fussy nose up at them. I can still hear her saying "But you've eaten them before", and me answering "Yes I know but I don't like them anymore".

I wonder where Miss 5 gets it from???Smileys

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The Walk!

We finally did something I never thought we would do. Today we walked home from school.
I had always just assumed we would wait until Miss 8 was in High School before I'd be able to walk with Miss 5 & Master 4 but she (once again) proved me wrong.
What a trooper. She finds it so much harder to do stuff than we do, but I throw out the challenge and she answers EVERY time.
Unlike her sister, Miss 5 who complained and made us stop a couple of times because her feet were sore. It's only a 20 minute walk - and she's been bugging me for months to walk home. Poor, poor Miss 5...

Miss 8 was ok, but was not very happy when I said this was going to be a regular thing. She reminded me how she has Cerebral Palsy and can't really do that much walking. Silly goose!!!

Now, off to have a quick rehydrating water, followed by a well-deserved cocktail


Bottoms UP!!!

Thursday, 8 October 2009

School Holidays So Far!

Well, we have had a busy 2 weeks. I think I would be happy if we had 3 weeks holidays at this time of year. The first week went so quickly that we have only just go into holiday mode. 

We have been to the zoo, AQWA (the aquarium) & today we went to the Fremantle Maritime Museum of Shipwrecks. I am fairly sure this is what they have enjoyed the most - which is great because it was the CHEAPEST by a long shot  Smileys

They had some excellent holiday activities there. We made some pirate kites (which took FOREVER) & then we received a treasure map which we had to follow all around the museum & collect the clues at each stage so we could reach the next.

Master 4 loved seeing the old swords, daggers & cutlasses. He was not very impressed when he found he couldnt take them out of their glass cabinets. Miss 5 loved looking at all the old coins. She found it hard to comprehend the age of them (nearly 400 years old). She kept asking "how old is that"? Miss 8 was very impressed with the treasure hunt & finding all the clues. I was mostly impressed by the part of the shipwreck they had in the museum. It was only the bow, but it was enormous. They also had some cannons lying around the place, another thing Master 4 loved. Perhaps he was a seaman in a previous life?

Then lunch at Fishing Boat Harbour, icecream at Baskin Robbins & home for a cocktail & a lie down. 

A very fine day in The Dixon House