Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The Worst Storm To Hit Perth In Years

That was just about the scariest storm I've been in (and I've been in a few cyclones up north too).

I love a good storm.

Himself always shakes his head at me. The minute there is lightning I'm outside in a chair (usually with a glass of wine), sitting back and loving the show. The kids are starting to do the same thing. They aren't scared by thunder & lightning, which is excellent.

But yesterday was scary.

I was driving home from Speech T therapy with the kids. We left at 4pm and could see the lightning coming from the North. Our storms rarely come from there, they are usually from the West and, on the odd occassion from the East. But this came rolling in from the North and you could see it coming.

I decided not to take the freeway home because I just know what idiots Perth drivers are. And thank God I made that decision. I just heard on the radio that there were maniacs doing 100kms in the emergency lanes. What sort of brain thinks that's a good idea?

So we took the back streets home. The 20 minute drive took 45 minutes and it was nasty. The hail was enormous and thumping into all sides of the car. The rain was so heavy (some have reported around 35 mils in 15 minutes) I just couldn't see. The lightning was just incredible and the thunder actually shook my car.

The kids weren't scared at all. They were having a great time (which made my trip a lot easier). Made it home. The house escaped any damage. We kept our power and all was good.

The kids are just dying for it to be winter (we're going to Bali this winter and they are hugely excited) so they all got into their flanny pj's, dressing gowns & ugg boots. I had to get Nana to tell them (over the phone) to take them all off before bed because last night was horribly muggy and going to be 21 degrees. They would have melted away.

So we've survived the first storm of the season. I hope everyone else did too.


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